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Every $1 spent on UX design can result in a $100 in return on investment.

Allegra B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, unveiled the leading user experience design trends that will improve customer interactions, better time on site and increase revenue. These trends align with current emerging tech advances and reflect the new expectations that consumers have from businesses.

Leading UX design trends that increase revenue

Research shows that every $1 that businesses invest in user experience design can cultivate a return on investment of up to $100 or more.


Personalization across digital platforms is proven to increase click-through rates, time spent on site, conversions and bottom lines. For example, one study found that personalized calls to actions increased conversions by more than 200%.

Businesses can incorporate personalization into:

1. Email campaigns.
2. Product recommendations.
3. Content suggestions.
4. Chatbot interactions.

Brands that capitalize on personalization also have the opportunity to gather relevant data for other campaigns and initiatives. For instance, a study from Salesforce found that:

1. 57% of consumers will share personal information for custom discounts and sales.
2. 52% of consumers will share personal information for product recommendations.
3. 53% of consumers will share personal information for customized shopping experiences.

Content-Driven Experience

It’s no secret that content marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. After all, content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing yet creates three times more leads.

But it turns out that content marketing – in all its forms – can drastically improve the overall user experience on websites, too.

Brands that invest in content marketing can build a stronger and more transparent relationship with customers and inform them about relevant information – both of which improve UX, returning consumer rates, and time on site.

In fact, 78% of users believe that brands who generate more custom content are more trustworthy.

The types of content marketing that improve user experience include:

1. Blogs and articles.
2. Videos, multimedia and motion graphics. 
3. Animations and illustrations. 
4. Quality Graphic User Interface

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